Tuesday, August 10, 2010


SKSSF (Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation)
SKSSF is an ideological organization working worldwise for preparing students and youth for the reconstruction of society in the divine guidance. Its a sub organization of Samatha Kerala Jammiyyathul Ulama ( A Muslim Appex body-Controlling Masjid, Madrasa etc)

In order to understand SKSSF it is essential to have a good grasp on its views on Islam, student and organization. The Arabic word Islam signifies peace, dedication and absolute submission. In other words it is the path to peace through complete surrender to God.

SKSSF believes that the real function of education should be to impart genuine knowledge about life, existence and future. A real student is therefore one seeking for the realities about life and universe.

SKSSF believes that the function of the organization should not be to assemble as many people as possible by any means. But it is to transform the cadre into a crop of activists committed to ideals and gifted with inner strength.

General Secretary: Nasar Faizy
Presedent : Sayyid Abbasali Shihab

Magazine : Satyadhara
Kerala State Office: The Isalmic Centre, Kozhikode.